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Finding The Right Provider of Services

Locating services that accepts Medicaid and meets your health needs is a difficult task. The NLC Support staff listens to every detail of your situation and circumstances to determine the best mix of services available to you. We care about you and take seriously our mission.

Your Choice

Choosing a support coordination agency is a new experience for most. Coordinators make it possible for families to match the person's wants and needs with skills and expertise. Since people are not aware of what is available in their community, we help you find an agency that supports your area. For example, sometimes Medicaid may have any programs near you, but your local church does. You might think you are alone in what you face, but we can connect you with others in your area that has your disability as well.

It is important that you should select a provider of services that you feel comfortable with in these matters as well. Do this by discussing the support coordination services you need and letting us know what you expect from us. We believe in great communication with those we serve. Finally, you should feel free to change to a different provider agency when the need arises. If are working with a provider of services, let your support coordinator know immediately.

Father and Daughter - Support Coordination Agency

Personalized Services                                                                                                             

Whether you need a home health aide or employment, our professionals connect you with providers of those services. We do not provide these services ourselves—we find an agency for you. Our staff comes to your home and performs an intake as the support coordinator. Moreover, we work with all types of disabilities for patients age 21 or older, including mental illness and Down syndrome, but not limited to.

Possible Services available are Day Habilitation, Tutoring, Referrals for assessment for employment, After Work Program, Home Health Aide (Individual Support), Transportation, etc.

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