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When you or a family member are living with a developmental disability, trying to navigate the various programs and help offered by the state and other organizations can be daunting. You want to take advantage of what is out there, but sometimes just figuring out the availability of programs in your area can be confusing. This includes applying and doing the necessary paperwork.

This difficulty is what led to the creation of NLC Support. We are a group of caring professionals who work closely with our clients to improve their situation. First and foremost, we want to give those living with a disability the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams. Our work focuses on those we help. We want to coach and guide all those that we can into the best comprehensive mix of programs available in your community. While individual goals may differ depending on a person’s situation, the one binding factor among anyone with disabilities is that your goals are important to you. That is what we help achieve. 

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Our trained staff knows the disability system in New Jersey and believes everyone should have the opportunity to live a quality life.  We listen to your needs and help put together a variety of available community services options. We then continue to monitor and help you add new programs as they become available.  We work with our clients and their families to make your vision for life a reality.

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Whether you need transportation, employment, a caretaker, or a home health aide or other services, we will match you up with the perfect provider agency to provide these services. Our support associates will return your call within 24 hours after you contact us to schedule an appointment at your comfort and convenience to talk to you about your needs. We understand your concern to find help, and we do everything to make the search as simple and fast as possible.

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